Are you looking to step up your online marketing? Have you considered adding a blog to your website? Blogging is a form of copywriting that has grown to become a major part of online marketing. Blogging is not the only form of copywriting, however, so let’s take a dive into the various aspects of writing compelling content:

What is copywriting? 

Copywriting is a type of writing that helps drive results to your business. It can be used in blogs, emails, and on social media. Copywriting can also be known as sales writing or persuasive writing. This type of writing tells a story, so you can connect with the reader and solve a problem. You are ultimately looking for your reader to take action after you have connected with them. If they do this, then you have written some engaging copy!

Why is having strong copywriting skills important? 

There are many benefits to being able to craft creative copy for your online marketing platforms. Below are 3 top to utilizing professional copywriting.

  1. Copywriting shows people your organization’s personality and brand. 

Whether people discover your website or social media platforms first, your copy is one of the first things your readers will see. That’s why first impressions are so important. Good copy can boost your audience’s impression or steer them away from you if they don’t connect with the message you’re conveying. Engaging content helps the customer build a bond with your organization. If they connect right away with what you are saying, you can almost guarantee that they will be back again.

  1. Quality copy helps you rank higher on Google. 

Have a website? Great! Is it doing anything for you? It’s important to have a website for people to visit when they are looking for your product or service. But it’s even better when your website can be discovered through a Google search! You can be discovered more on Google by having interesting and well-developed copy on your website. Captivating copy should have keywords and phrases strategically placed on your website to help with searches.

Having a blog as part of your website, with keywords and relevant phrases is also a good way to rank higher on Google. If you are constantly adding new material to your blog, your website will rank higher on Google because of the new material on your page, which will result in more traffic to your website.

  1. Well-written copy persuades people to take action.

If you have written compelling copy in an email, on your website, or on social media, then you will persuade the reader to do what you are looking to have them do, such as subscribe to an email list or make a purchase. Great copy addresses fears and motivates people to take action. If your copy isn’t written well, it won’t drive results for you.

Being able to write can be a huge benefit to your business. If you can connect with your audience with your writing, you can potentially reach a lot of new customers. If you find yourself struggling with developing rich new content, reach out to Keep It Real Social and we can help come up with a strategy or manage it for you!


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