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Keep it Real Social is an award-winning five-star boutique marketing agency offering integrative marketing services for small businesses. Our services include:

  • Social media management & strategy
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design & branding
  • Local SEO & Listing Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Website design & development
  • Training, Speaking & Teaching

Our team comprises expert social media marketers, content strategists, analysts, and creative designers who work in tandem. This includes partnerships with photographers, web designers, copywriters, editors, and online ad experts.

A marketing agency can be a great solution if you want to extend your internal marketing and sales team. If you’re spinning your wheels, feeling frustrated, and ready to level up your marketing, choosing a partner to take your vision and goals to the next level is often the best answer. Having specialists understand the trends, channels, best practices, and analytics is a long-term investment.


Our mission at Keep it Real Social is to innovatively blend digital marketing with traditional marketing strategies, optimizing investment returns for small businesses. Our success is intrinsically tied to our clients’ triumphs; we grow and flourish only when they do. traditional media efforts for the best investment return. When our clients are successful, we’re successful.

Our Core Values

Respect for Others

We uphold a culture of respect and compassion, cherishing the inherent worth of every individual.

Integrity & Honesty

We commit to honesty and strive to uphold the highest level of integrity in all our actions.


We are devoted to superior quality and performance in all our endeavors.


We understand that work is a crucial part of our employees’ lives, not the entirety. They have obligations, responsibilities, and personal aspirations beyond their professional roles. We encourage our team to construct a balanced work-life framework tailored to their unique circumstances, promoting optimal productivity. This philosophy of responsible flexibility creates a triple-win scenario for our organization, team members, and valued clients. Mutual support within our company is the cornerstone of this flexible approach.


We champion team and individual initiatives to volunteer and uplift our community within and beyond our professional boundaries.

Lifelong Learners

As dedicated marketing professionals, we persistently seek to enhance our skills and knowledge, keeping pace with the evolving landscape of technology and strategies. This commitment allows us to deliver superior service to our clients.

Keep it Real Social is fantastic at taking your vision for your brand and translating it into a full-blown social media strategy!

Our Team

Our team comprises expert social media marketers, content strategists, analysts, and creative designers that all work in tandem. This includes partnerships with photographers, web designers, copywriters, editors, and online ad experts.

Sommer Poquette



Sommer grew up thinking she would be a teacher. She bet her dad $100.00 she would graduate from college as a teacher, she won the bet. After discovering blogging and social media marketing in 2007, she swapped the chalk for a laptop. Sommer Poquette has spent over a decade working as a professional blogger, social media consultant, and online influencer.

Sommer has worked with award-winning PR and advertising firms on social media campaigns for large brands such as eBay, Verizon Wireless, Whirlpool, Method, and Stoneyfield Farms…to name a few.

She has consulted with companies of all sizes and even commuted to Oakland County, California, for three years as a social media consultant for the Shaklee Company. The joke at Shaklee HQ was how she had the longest commute to work!

After selling her Nielsen top-rated blog in 2018, Sommer Poquette launched Keep it Real Social to help businesses of all sizes use social and digital media marketing successfully.

Sommer has received certifications from DigitalMarketer as a certified social media marketing specialist and content marketing specialist. She has also received a Google Digital Garage Certification, Google Digital Sales Certification, Google My Business Certification, issued by Google. For more information on her qualifications, education, and experience, visit LinkedIn

Social Media Strategist, Sommer Poquette, CEO and Founder of Keep it Real Social




Haley is Sommer’s right-hand gal. From administrative work to project management, she does it all. She is a pro at multi-tasking and extremely proficient. She gets the job done and keeps the business running smoothly. Haley is a certified content marketer and social and community manager.




Maddie has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Certificate in Graphic Design from Adrian College.  She is experienced in creating innovative and effective campaigns, social media planning, video editing, and graphic design. When she’s not behind the desk, she loves to go hiking, spend time with friends and family, and travel. 





Aaron is an accomplished designer and marketing specialist with decades of experience developing brand strategies for organizations of all sizes. He has had unique opportunities to work with clients like the Smithsonian and The White House Historical Society in Washington DC, beach resorts and small businesses in Florida, and develop his own small business in Northern Michigan. His wide variety of experience helps him develop engaging social media campaigns and effectively communicate the client’s perspective to their customers.

With a passion for creating new and exciting social content, you might find him lying in the mud to photograph a new off-road vehicle for a client, exploring Northern Michigan backroads on his vintage motorcycle, or showcasing interesting cultures around the world on family vacations.




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Community Partners

Darin Philport

Website Development Partner

Nicole LeBlanc

Graphic Artist & Branding Expert

Alex Childress Media

Photography & Videography

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