Move the needle. That is always the goal of a marketing agency. We strive as a marketing agency to take our small business clients up a notch for each business goal, using social media marketing and aligning it with traditional media efforts. We create custom plans that support a client’s business goals, looking at key performance metrics (KPIs) and strategizing on what tactics will move that needle. This happens each quarter. We evaluate the monthly metrics from our reporting and tracking and review the results. What worked? What did not work? What needs to be refined to move the needle forward, even more, next month?

As a social media marketing agency, we match a business’s goals with the social media metrics. If you’re a small business and you’re scratching your head about how to increase your presence and performance, here are some ideas to consider:

BRAND AWARENESS: If you are looking to increase your brand awareness, you will want to measure likes, hearts, shares, comments, mentions, and tags. These metrics mean you’re expanding your overall reach, which you want if your goal is to have more people know who you are and what you do.

LEADS: Most businesses want more leads. More leads mean more people to market to. To measure the success of a goal to increase leads, you will increase newsletter sign-ups, referral traffic to your website, and conversions.

TRAFFIC:  If you build a website, you want traffic. If the goal is to increase the traffic to your website, you will measure the clicks from a social media platform to your website, the referral traffic, and conversions. Depending on the social media platform, you can pull reports on a profile or link clinks. It’s essential to use Google Analytics and monitor the referral traffic to see if your social media campaigns drive traffic to your website, if that is your goal.

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