Local Listing Services Explained

Think of a local listing service as building roads to your store or service. Imagine your business is a shop in a town. To get customers to visit your shop, you need roads leading to it. More people can easily find and reach your shop if there are more roads. Google business is only one road.

A local listing service creates these ‘roads’ or paths in the online world. When you list your business on these services, it’s like building a network of roads on the internet that lead straight to your business. Each listing is a new road. People searching online are like drivers; when they look for something you offer, these ‘roads’ guide them to your business.

Using a local listing service, you’re building lots of roads and signs that make it easy for customers to drive straight to your shop, increasing the chances of them visiting and buying from you. It’s a way to guide more ‘traffic’ (which in this case means customers) to your local service or store.


Showing Google Your Business is Important & Valid

Expanding on the analogy of building roads and driving traffic to your local service or store, it’s about more than just creating paths for customers when you use a local listing service. It’s also about showing Google, like the main mapmaker, that your business is important and valid.

Imagine Google as a powerful guide that decides which roads are worth showing on its map. When your business is listed on various local listing services, it’s like having many well-maintained roads and clear, accurate signs pointing to your shop. Each listing verifies that your business exists, is reliable, and offers what it claims. It’s like getting approval for each road leading to your business.

Google sees these well-marked roads and multiple confirmations of your business’s existence and decides, “This must be a significant place.” So, when people nearby search for something you offer, Google considers your business a key destination and shows it higher in search results. This is how your local SEO ranking improves.

By consistently ensuring that your business information is accurate and present in these local listings, you’re effectively keeping these roads in good condition and the signs clear. This continuous maintenance tells Google that your business is active, trustworthy, and vital to the local landscape. As a result, Google will more likely recommend your business to people searching nearby, like directing traffic to the best and most relevant shops in town.

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