Sales funnels are a visual representation of how you will attract prospects and what products you will offer them, ultimately leading to your highest price product or package. Consider it a step by step guide toward your inner circle.

Funnels can be somewhat fluid in nature, especially if you’re just starting to build your business. Or if you’re creating content, some products may find their way into retirement and replaced with a newer version.

In an effort to not lose people along the way, you need to build in some customer satisfaction communications. You need to nurture this relationship right from the start so customers will come to you when they need advice or when they’re ready to commit to private coaching. Even with smaller purchases, some customers need validation that they truly did purchase the right product. Some people may need help implementing your product or advice into their business. One easy way to cover all these bases is with a Facebook Messenger bot.

Technology Compliments Human Connection

Implementing bots into your sales funnels alleviates the need for a dedicated customer service rep on your team. It also prevents you from getting stuck on long-winded calls that take you away from your other coaching clients. Since you are programming the message sequence, you can write just as you speak, making the bot sound human and caring, even though a real human isn’t involved in the live communication.

Tip 1: Create a message sequence based on your own real-life experiences in a retail store. Were you greeted when you walked in the door? Program a warm welcome message into your bot. Not only are you greeting prospects right away, making them feel welcome, but you’re also making them aware that someone is available to answer questions.

Tip 2: Don’t make your bot hover. Strike a balance in your messages between being helpful and being annoying. We’ve all experienced that pushy salesperson who just can’t back up and let us shop. If you want to make more sales, be helpful, not annoying.

Tip 3: The fortune is in the follow-up. Don’t let the purchase be the last time your customer hears from you. If they subscribed to your bot, they want to hear from you, so put that permission to good use. Again, don’t be annoying, but do let your subscribers know when you have new content available or when your signature product launches. If you have nurtured your relationship with these customers, starting with that first time they contacted you, they will be loyal fans and likely to make future purchases. It’s easier to sell to those who already know, like, and trust you, so nurture those relationships.

Can’t I Do All This with Email?

You sure can but the big difference is in the immediacy. Bot messages appear immediately on your phone. In one glance you know who contacted you and the purpose of their message. Emails sit and wait to be opened. Sure, bot subscribers can choose not to read your message or to save it for later but at least it doesn’t get lost in a sea of other emails. Immediate interaction with your bot is far more interactive and engaging than reading emails.

Using Chatbots in a Sales Funnel