Are you trying to grow your email or subscriber list for your small business, but having a hard time getting people to give you their contact information? Think about how many marketing-related emails you get as a consumer. If your email box is anything like mine, you probably get at least 50 marketing emails a day. Because I get so many emails, I am more cautious about giving out my email address. You might be finding this with some of the email marketing campaigns that you have been doing.

Following are six creative ways we have found to collect email addresses so you can deliver the information you want to your customers:

Allow for an opt-in on your website
 Let customers who visit your website know that you want to keep in touch with them and keep them up to date with the latest information. Have the form somewhere on your website where people won’t miss it. Some suggested places would be:

  • A pop-up
  • On the side of your homepage
  • At the bottom of your blog page
  • As a header on your homepage

Have a sign-up sheet in your business
 There’s nothing wrong with collecting email addresses the old-fashioned way: pen and paper in your retail store. Or you can get techier and have an iPad available to collect email addresses.

Host an enter-to-win contest
 Host an enter-to-win contest either online or in your store. Ask for the contestant’s email address as a way to be contacted if they win.

Create a lead generation offer
 Do you have something free you can offer your customers? Maybe it’s free information on a specific subject, or perhaps you can provide your customers a discount code or coupon. Collect email addresses by offering something beneficial to your clients that they would want.

Ask for emails in return for something at a tradeshow
 Tradeshows are a great place to get in front of a lot of potential customers at one time. Showcase a product or service there and collect emails for those people who stop by your booth interested in learning more about what you are demoing.

Host a webinar
 Advertise that you are hosting a webinar on a specific date. Require an email address as part of the registration so you can send them any materials that they may need or special offers to guests who attend.

No matter how you decide to grow your email list, it’s always important to remember that it is essential to allow people to opt-in to receiving additional emails from your business. Some people may not want to get further emails from you. It’s essential to follow the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act guidelines so you don’t find yourself in trouble.

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