With spring in swing and summer slowly creeping up on us and states beginning to open up more since the start of the pandemic, what can retailers do to get people back into their stores? Take advantage of the summer holidays approaching, like Memorial Day and July 4th, and create retail sales events around them! Here are some ideas to help you get started on a successful and safe summer with your business.

Move part of your store outside.
If you are still nervous about having guests gather into a small space, consider moving some of the store outside. Not only will people feel safer about COVID-19, but you will also catch people’s eyes by setting up tables in front of your store with the products you are selling. Having signs that stand out, such as advertising a sale, can also entice people to stop and look at what you have.

Create a limited edition/seasonal product.
Everyone loves the summer! Celebrate the summer months by selling a summer-related product only available for a few months. Customers won’t want to miss out on having the latest and greatest limited-edition product.

Offer coupons or discounts available to your online community.
When the pandemic hit and everything was shut down, it wasn’t a choice but a necessity to move your business online if you wanted to survive. Reward your online customers who supported you online during that time with coupons or special sales to thank them.

Host a welcome back event.
When your store opens back up, invite the public in by hosting a small welcome back event. Include raffles, special sales, and giveaways, and you are sure to attract guests into your store.

Partner with another company and cross-promote.
Work with another retail store close to you that brings in the same clientele you are hoping to reach. Offer a discount for shopping with the other company while they do the same. This type of promotion could double the number of people that walk into your store.

Whichever fun promotional track you choose, summer is the perfect time to welcome guests back into your retail store. People seem to have more free time during the summer months, and by adding a few of the above ideas, you can bring more people into your retail space.

Happy Summer!

5 Ideas to Get Customers into Your Retail Store This Summer