There is buzz about the recent Google update they are calling Bedlam. The update focused on neutral matching. So what does this mean? The update is focused more on business descriptions and content versus keywords in a business name.

Google search is a service. We are the customers. When we search, Google’s job is to provide us with relevant search results. When I search for something locally, I do not want a store in another state to appear. Google is putting more weight on local search and updating their algorithm to provide relevant local search results.

Is the Bedlam update a good thing? What does it mean for my business?

Yes, it is a good thing. It is not perfect yet. It’s like anything new, give it time. Don’t panic when you see fluctuation with your local Google search ranking, not yet anyhow!

For your business, it means that having a Google My Business profile optimized, is imperative. Having your business listed in relevant business categories, posting a minimum. of once a week, and adding photos and videos is extremely important. Your Google My Business profile is not a billboard. It needs to be used weekly, if not daily.

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