Private Facebook Group for Social Media Support

While in Hawaii, I did a lot of reflection.? I can give thanks to so many people for where I am today but believe it or not, I have many online friends and communities to thank. In fact, one such Facebook community turned out to be so influential and helpful for my business, I’m part of their paid mastermind group. The investment of my time in both the free and paid group has been invaluable to my business.

This has motivated me to start a similar community but one that is for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to use social media for their business growth. A private and free Facebook group where you can ask questions, share experiences, network, and learn from myself and your peers. Each week I will share tips, tricks, links, training, material, and even live training. Besides coaching, I will also be a student and will be learning from you.

How can you join? It’s easy and there is nothing to pre-qualify you. Let’s grow together. ?