We can’t grow as a business or person without constructive feedback. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most valuable forms of advertising. Today, reviews are the new digital version of word-of-mouth advertising. Research states that 98% of people read online reviews. As a business owner, it’s essential to listen to what the customer has to say, thank them for their input, learn from the experience, and respond to all reviews, even negative ones. 

Why Google Reviews Are Important

All reviews matter, but Google is one of the most common places where reviews are left, and Google is the most popular search engine, capturing 95% of mobile traffic. Google reviews provide helpful information and feedback about your business, improve your searchability and SEO ranking, build consumer trust and legitimacy in your industry, and ultimately help increase sales and growth of your business. 

Think First

You can affect a business’s revenue, reputation, and ranking as a consumer. It’s important to leave an honest review about your experience but think first. Why is it you didn’t like your experience with the business? Was the issue indeed in the business’s control? Did you make a snap judgment due to your personal preferences, not their product or service quality? Is your review going to help others, or are you just venting?

Because Google Reviews are important to your customer and your business, you as a business owner must provide quality care, service, and products to your consumer, and it’s equally important that you, the customer/consumer, think before you sink a business in a review. Remember, there is a person behind that business; we are all human, make mistakes, and deserve respect. 

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