Many of you are probably familiar with or have even used QR codes in the past. QR codes look like electronic barcodes that allow you to communicate additional information to your customers. They can take someone to a new website, a payment center, or a signup form. A few years ago, they were everywhere. Many people think using QR codes has died down, but it is actually quite the opposite. QR codes have become quite popular since the pandemic, because they allow for touchless actions.

You can use QR codes for many different reasons. Here are just a few of the ideas we have come up with to use QR codes.

Add it to your business card
Have a QR code on your business card that directs people to your contact information or your website.

Include QR codes on a print ad
If you are handing out a print ad, you can include a QR code to direct people to your website or a landing page to sign up for emails.

Ask for a review
Put a QR code on your website directing people to your Google My Business page so customers can quickly leave you a review. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, display the code by your cashier’s desk where they can easily scan it and leave a review.

Grow your social media followers
Use a QR code to direct people to your social media sites and ask them to follow you.

Add it to your product packages
If you sell a food product, you can include a QR code on your packaging to direct people to the ingredients or recipes.

Call to place an order
QR codes can link to a phone number to allow for a one-step process to place an order.

Special offers
Use a QR code that links people to a special offer on your website or an invoice. This is a great way to back sell a customer.

Link to PayPal
The QR code can direct a customer to your PayPal account for easy payment.

Include it at the end of a presentation
If you are using PowerPoint or Google Slides for a presentation, you can include a QR code on your last slide that can direct people to a landing page or somewhere they can get more information about your subject.

Put it on your nametag
Are you going to a conference or a networking event? Having a QR code on your nametag is a great way to get people to learn more about you. Link your QR code to your LinkedIn page or an online resume. Include your contact information for a fast way for someone to contact you!

QR codes have not gone away, and they will be around for awhile. Using QR codes is just another way to connect with your customers. Most QR codes are free to use. Try one out today!

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