Pinterest can sometimes be overlooked as a marketing tool for small businesses. However, Pinterest can serve as a great search engine tool to help spread the word over the internet about what you are selling. Here are some tips to help market your small business on Pinterest.

Create Fresh Pins
 Fresh pins are pins that haven’t ever been seen before. Create fresh pins often. Change up the color in your pins and the pictures. Post fresh pins a couple of times a week. Pinterest likes new content.

Pin Often
 Be consistent with your activity on Pinterest. Research the times that your pins do best and schedule your pins to be released at that time. Try and pin on all of your boards multiple times a month.

Use Keywords Everywhere
 Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. To show up in searches more, use keywords on Pinterest. There are multiple places you can use keywords. Use them in the description of your Pinterest account. Use them in the descriptions of your boards. When you are writing the caption of your pins, include keywords.

Create Idea Pins
 Idea pins can be compared to what stories are on other social media platforms. Idea pins are slides with photos, videos, and text. Idea pins don’t allow you to leave a link for people to click on, but they are a great way to inform your followers of information quickly.

Post Video Pins
 Video has become a more popular form of content on all platforms, including Pinterest. Use video in your pins to promote what you are selling. If you don’t have your own video, websites like Canva and Ripl can help.

Pin with the seasons
 Paying attention to what you are pining and when you are pinning them can make a big difference in the number of times it will be seen. Many people use Pinterest to search for help for upcoming events in their life such as holidays, weddings, and seasonal trips. Keep in mind what seasons are coming up and try and post about those times a month to three months in advance.

Become a Verified Merchant
 If you sell products online, becoming a verified merchant can be a game-changer. Becoming a verified merchant makes your small business look more reputable and trustworthy. Research has also shown that accounts that are verified get more clicks and impressions.

Pinterest Ads
 Pinterest, just like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, has paid advertising available to businesses. Pinterest advertising can help increase your sales because you can target specific groups of people with the same interests. If you have the money to spend, Pinterest advertising can help grow your sales.

When it comes to marketing online, don’t forget about Pinterest! When you use Pinterest correctly, it can be a game-changer. Remember to treat it more as a search engine rather than a social media platform, and you will see the rewards.

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