With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to start promoting your holiday sales and promotions! For some small businesses, the holidays are the time of the year where they make the most significant profit. Here are some of Keep It Real Social’s ideas to boost your online sales so your business can have a profitable season!

Start early
The sooner your start your holiday promotions, the quicker your sales will start happening. If you have turned on the news, you have seen that shipping delays will be a big issue this holiday season. Promote your holiday specials starting now. Get your customers thinking about the holidays early and often, so hopefully, they will start shopping early.

Use social media
Get the word out about your holiday specials through social media! If you sell products, you can create ads targeting specific groups of people you think would be interested in what you are selling. Use lots of pictures and videos to visually show your customers all about the products you are selling.

Create a newsletter
If you have an email list, the holidays are a great time to use it! Create weekly or bi-weekly email newsletters to send to your customers. Let them know about the holiday specials you have going on. Include a special holiday coupon or promotion for customers on your email list.

Promote shopping local
Encourage your customers to shop locally. There are many benefits for customers to shop locally. Customers who shop locally will avoid shipping delays, support small businesses, and customers don’t have to pay extra shipping costs. Remind your customers of these reasons they should shop locally.

Offer after-holiday specials
Offer coupons or promotions that go toward things a customer can purchase after the holidays in January. This is called a bounce-back coupon. After the holiday, sales from small businesses usually decrease. January is generally a slow month. Using bounce-back coupons can help bring customers back into your store during this quiet time. Offer a discounted coupon or a free gift if they make a purchase during the holiday season to get people back into your small business during this slow time.

Give back to the community
Show your charitable side to your customers. The holidays are a time for giving back. Remind your customers that while you are running a business, you also give back to the community. This can leave a positive impression on your customers. Having a portion of your sales go back to a non-profit of your choice is an example of giving back. 

Provide great customer service
Customer service will always go a long way with your customers. The holidays can sometimes be stressful for people, and by providing great customer service, you can rest assured it will go a long way with your business.

Make the holidays fun and profitable this season by trying these tips for your small business!

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