Creating punch-worthy pins on Pinterest is about vision, beauty, and the words. If you want people to look at, share, and re-pin your pins, you’ll need to look at everything in a new visual way.

1. Choose the Right Images – Using images on Pinterest is a necessity; without images, there is no Pinterest. But, you need to ensure that you use high-quality images that are legal to use. You can find images at, and places like and You can also take them yourself.

2. Make Pins the Right Size – Listing the sizes here would be a mistake because it changes so often. Check with Pinterest to find out the perfect sizes for your pins that show up and are readable as thumbnails. Pinterest’s user guide will tell you most of what you need to know in an up-to-date format. This blog has a cheat sheet that will help out.

3. Use Words with Readable Fonts – It’s important to learn about fonts and how they translate from a larger size image to a smaller size image, and whether they can be read across browsers and mobile devices.

4. Craft a Clear Message – The message that the image and words combined make is important. It might take a few times to get it right so that the image and words resonate in one glance.

5. Link to the Right Place – Ensure that you take the time to link your pins to the right sales pages, blog posts, and/or other places. In this way, it will encourage those who click to either purchase what you are recommending or take an action you want, such as signing up for your sales page.

6. Have a Clear CTA – A call to action is important, and it doesn’t have to be direct as in “click here.” It can be implied with an image and the words combined with the image. The point is that it needs to be obvious what you want the viewer to do.

7. Share with Your Connections – Start off any new pin or board with sharing with people you already know. Share across all social networks so that everyone you know will see it. They’ll also be sure to share it, helping you get the word out.

8. Use Defined Categories – As you create boards, ensure that each board has a defined category and that a pin that you create goes with that board. This will encourage people to follow your boards at a higher rate.

If you want punch-worthy pins, it will take a little bit of creativity to think outside the box in terms of your promotions. You’ll now need to be visual. Think of these pins as a display advertisement in a paper. You need the image to be clear, the words to make sense, and pull at their emotions so that they want what you have.