Ring in the New Year and up your Instagram game. The social media landscape has changed a lot over the last year. Static content in feeds doesn’t draw eyeballs like it once did. Reels and Stories are where you’ll find followers and potential new customers for your small business. Here are some ideas to inspire you as you create content for New Year’s Instagram Reels and Stories. 

  1. After-Christmas sales – Shoppers look for bargains after the holidays. Be sure to promote your after-Christmas sales in your Reels and Stories. The short-form video in Reels and Stories is excellent for highlighting individual products. Catch customers’ attention with a too-good-to-resist discount on an item that makes them click to see more on your website. 
  2. Promo-code – If you’re looking for new customers in the New Year, try offering a promo code when they sign up for your email or text list. Create a graphic to share the promo code in your Stories. To share your promo code in a Reel, create a screen recording that shows customers how to enter the promo code on your website. 
  3. Make a how-to video – If you had a bestseller during the holiday shopping season, follow up with customers by creating a how-to video. Demonstrate how to use tech items, hairstyling tools, or make-up products. If you sell fashion or jewelry, show different ways to style your best-selling pieces.
  4. Share your business resolutions or goals – Customers keep returning to your business if they feel connected. Social media is one of the best tools for creating relationships with them. Make a short video where you share New Year’s resolutions and goals you have for the company. Then create a dialogue by encouraging customers to share their goals and resolutions in the comments.
  5. Share exciting new plans for next year – If you’re planning new product launches, a store remodel, or a new location in the coming year, share it with your audience. Encourage them to check back for updates on your project throughout the year.
  6. Highlight best sellers – If you have best sellers that fly off the shelf all year, highlight them in your Stories with graphics. For Reels, make a lifestyle video that shows someone using the products.
  7. Highlight new products – If you have new products ready to go, January is a great time to launch them. Draw a parallel between the New Year and your new products. Show customers how your new products can help them meet their goals or get more out of life in the new year.
  8. Share upcoming events – If you schedule events for your business throughout the year, share your calendar with your audience. Give them something to look forward to by teasing sales. If it’s an event they need to attend in person, you’ll give them plenty of time to plan.
  9. Do a “Year in Review” – Your “Year in Review” will look different depending on your small business type. Highlight past events you hosted and bestselling products, or show your favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the last year.
  10. Share a company planning session – We already mentioned connecting with customers. People enjoy seeing the faces behind the business and like to see what makes your company tick. Share a short video from a team meeting. You don’t have to give away company secrets. It could be a snippet of a brainstorming session or even some fun banter. Anything that gives your audience the feeling they’re getting an intimate, inside look.
  11. Highlight loyalty program – If you have a customer loyalty program, the new year is a good time to highlight it. Encourage customers to sign up now for savings and exclusive offers all year long.
  12. Thank loyal customers – Don’t forget your loyal customers. Thank them for shopping with you last year and the holiday season. Tell them you look forward to continuing to serve them.
  13. Welcome the New Year – Make a simple graphic for your stories and a short video giving best wishes to your audience for the new year.
  14. Word of the Year – Many people choose a Word of the Year to define their New Year’s goals. Make a video where each team member shares their word of the year. Ask your audience to share theirs in the comments.
  15. Count down to the New Year – After Christmas, do a daily countdown to the New Year. Each day you can highlight a different product that’s on sale. You could also share a tip each day. Or combine it with your “Year in Review” by sharing a daily favorite memory from the past year.
  16. Host a Q&A about keeping goals and resolutions – As a small business owner, you have real-world experience to share with your audience. Host a Q&A using the Stories template. Encourage your audience to ask questions about how you set and meet goals for your business.
  17. Inspirational quote graphic/video – People are looking for inspiration as they plan for the coming year. Encourage your audience by sharing your favorite inspirational quotes. Create graphics for your stories. You can share the quotes in a video for Reels as well.
  18. Share your success story – Everyone looks for inspiration during the New Year’s season. Create a video series for Reels where you tell your business success story. It might be the encouragement someone else needs to keep going after their own goals.
  19. Task lists for getting on track for the New Year – Share a checklist of tasks your audience can complete helping them create resolutions or goals for the new year. Draw from your own experience as a small business owner.
  20. Stage a New Year’s Party – You don’t have to stay at the office until midnight to celebrate together. Gather your employees at any time. Hand out some streamers, confetti, and silly hats. Make a short video of everyone dancing and celebrating the New Year to share in your Stories and Reels.

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