Summer is on its way, and to help small businesses get a jumpstart on their social media planning, we’re thrilled to present a guide to upcoming summertime holidays and celebration days. We include suggested hashtags, innovative social media content ideas, and email marketing strategies for each holiday. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to post in the coming months, this resource will be invaluable in sparking creativity and boosting engagement!

  1. Summer Solstice (June 21)
    • Social Media Post: Share a photo or video from a sunset watch party. Engage your followers by asking them to post their sunset pictures.
    • Email Marketing: Send out an email blast with tips on how to make the most of the extra daylight, perhaps including a special offer on summer essentials.
    • Hashtags: #SummerSolstice #LongestDayOfTheYear
  2. Independence Day (July 4)
    • Social Media Post: Post a festive video of your team or products with patriotic themes. Offer a flash sale or special promotion.
    • Email Marketing: Send a themed email with a unique Independence Day discount code and a message of gratitude and celebration of freedom.
    • Hashtags: #IndependenceDay #July4th #Fireworks
  3. World Chocolate Day (July 7)
    • Social Media Post: Feature your chocolate products or share a unique recipe. Encourage followers to comment with their favorite chocolate treats.
    • Email Marketing: Offer a one-day promotion on all chocolate products. Include a brief history of chocolate or fun facts to educate and engage your audience.
    • Hashtags: #WorldChocolateDay #ChocolateLover
  4. National Ice Cream Day (July 24, 2024)
    • Social Media Post: Run a contest for the best ice cream flavor combination, with the winner receiving a free product or discount.
    • Email Marketing: Plan an in-store event or an exclusive online discount for ice cream-related products.
    • Hashtags: #NationalIceCreamDay #IceCreamLove
  5. National Book Lovers Day (August 9)
    • Social Media Post: Ask followers to post photos of their favorite reading spot or current book. Consider a partnership with a local bookstore for cross-promotion.
    • Email Marketing: Recommend top books in your newsletter and offer a special discount on book-related merchandise.
    • Hashtags: #NationalBookLoversDay #ReadMoreBooks
  6. International Friendship Day (First Sunday of August)
    • Social Media Post: Encourage customers to tag a friend in your post for a chance to win a friendship-themed giveaway.
    • Email Marketing: Send a “Bring a Friend” promotion, offering discounts when they shop with friends.
    • Hashtags: #FriendshipDay #BestFriendsForever
  7. National Relaxation Day (August 15)
    • Social Media Post: Share relaxation tips or feature relaxation products. Run a poll on how followers prefer to unwind.
    • Email Marketing: Offer special deals on relaxation products like spa services or comfortable loungewear.
    • Hashtags: #NationalRelaxationDay #Relax
  8. World Photo Day (August 19)
    • Social Media Post: Host a photo contest with a theme relevant to your business. Offer a prize for the best photo submitted.
    • Email Marketing: Feature customer-submitted photos in your newsletter, the stories behind them, and a special offer for photo-related products.
    • Hashtags: #WorldPhotoDay #Photography
  9. National Dog Day (August 26)
    • Social Media Post: Feature a “dog of the day” from your team or customer submissions. Offer discounts on pet-friendly products.
    • Email Marketing: Send out tips for pet care or highlight pet-friendly services and products with a one-day sale.
    • Hashtags: #NationalDogDay #DogsOfInstagram
  10. Labor Day (First Monday of September)
    • Social Media Post: Highlight the achievements of your team or community with a thank-you post. Run a Labor Day weekend sale.
    • Email Marketing: Offer an exclusive Labor Day promotion and share stories of labor heroes or your business’s journey.
    • Hashtags: #LaborDayWeekend #EndOfSummer

These ideas integrate social media and email marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement and drive sales during these key summertime events.

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