Leslie Ender came to KRS with a vision for expanding her already successful curated travel business, then known as “Street View Adventure Travel.” With new services coming to the table, she saw the need for a solid plan to capture the heart of her business. Starting with a comprehensive brand strategy, our team took a close look at her goals, values and her beliefs and transformed them into a unified plan for the future.


Leslie needed a plan to cohesively bring all her diverse offerings and ideas together under one brand. The existing name, “Street View Adventure Travel,” did not capture the entirety of the business, as she planned to add services like life coaching and retreats. 


Getting to the core of her beliefs and why the company exists helped to fuel a comprehensive brand, starting with naming and carrying it out through her identity and several touchpoints. We captured the essence of her services and what they ultimately deliver for her clients: connection, exploration and discovery. 


Amble & Rove speaks to the spirited explorer in Leslie’s clients. Her logo symbolizes her core values of growth and discovery, combining a flower and compass to represent the brand visually. She is now equipped with a brand and toolkit to execute all elements of her brand consistently and effectively. 

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