Have you ever thought about attending a business conference or summit? If you have never been, it can be pretty intimidating and sometimes even downright scary. There are so many reasons to attend a conference, the main one being that once you push past your fears, true growth can take place.

Reasons to Attend a Conference

  1. Increased knowledge – Undoubtedly, one of the main purposes of any conference is to impart attendees with new business knowledge. Sessions are created to help share what other business professionals know with the group. Be sure to bring a notebook and pen or your laptop to take valuable notes.
  2. Connections – Some of your most important contacts will come from conferences. There is an energy and excitement about conferences that everyone thrives off of and you are likely to meet up with like-minded individuals. Bring plenty of business cards and make sure to follow up with new contacts after the conference ends.
  3. Mindset shift – You walk into a conference a little afraid and you leave ready to take on the world around you. Conferences have a way of pushing you to new heights and getting you excited to make the next big move in your business. Come to any conference with an open mind and willingness to change and you will feel like a new person when you leave.
  4. New customers/fans – Like I mentioned before, the energy surrounding a conference is electric. People are ready to learn and chat and make new connections. During this process, you are likely to find new customers or fans of your business. Make sure to swap cards but also social media handles and email addresses. You will be surprised at how many people become loyal fans and even customers after a conference.
  5. Visit new places – Another perk of attending a conference or summit is that you get to visit new places. If the conference is held outside of the town you live in, you get to explore a whole new place. Take this time to meet new friends and discover the city together. It’s a great time to connect and explore a new place.
  6. Instant motivation – You may walk into a conference a little scared and unsure of what to do with your business. I can guarantee that you will be instantly motivated and uplifted when you walk out of your first session. The speakers, the attendees, and the sponsors have a way of bringing out the best in you. Take notes and make tangible plans for your business while still on that conference high.
  7. Find your tribe – Conferences are a GREAT time to find like-minded business individuals to help boost you personally and professionally. You will be surrounded by a group of people who all want the same thing – to grow their business. Find a core group of people you really connect with a create a tribe to help encourage, boost, and cheer on your business as well as theirs.
  8. Mini vacay – On top of the other amazing advantages of attending a conference, you also can use the time away as a mini-vacay. Book a fancy hotel room, get a new outfit or spend a day at the spa. The time spent away from your business will be a huge benefit with you coming back refreshed and ready to go.

If you are looking for a conference to attend I suggest the 818 Conference. Learn from other women in business on topics that include social media marketing, branding, copywriting, photography, business management, and so much more. You can find out more HERE.

We also recommend any of these women-owned conferences as well. Because no matter which conference you choose to attend, you and your business will be transformed. What are you waiting for?!