Choosing to hire a freelancer or agency for your marketing needs is not an easy decision, and there is no right or wrong answer. Our agency works with freelancers for many projects and recommends niche freelancers to clients if we think they’re a good fit. Many in agency work spent years doing freelance work; Sommer, our agency owner, included.

When choosing a marketing agency such as Keep it Real Social, you hire a group of qualified specialists that possess a wide array of skills. You will have a proposal, scope of work, deliverables, a contract, and guarantee of work to be fulfilled.

A freelancer vs. an agency is a cheaper option, but you pay less to one person than a whole team of market experts. For example, Keep it Real Social has a full-time graphic artist, certified content marketers, certified community managers, certified social media experts, copywriter and proofreader, photographer, web developer, and Facebook advertising specialist who work and partner with our agency. 

The main benefits of hiring an agency:

* Professional consultation

* Strategizing assistance

* Services beyond just writing like email outreach, design, analytics, social media, video, photography, and more.

* High level of skills

* Coordinated work

* Legality and transparency

* Excellent reputation

* Professional support

* Credibility

* Customization of services for your business

* Multiple people working on your account

* Editorial standards

* Use of software and applications

For examples of Keep it Real Social’s agency work visit our recent case studies page. If you’re looking for a marketing team to elevate your business to the next level, we’re here to help.