What is a social media audit, and why is it important? Simply put, a social media audit is a review of what is working and what can be improved across your social media channels. The word “audit” seems scary and intimidating, but it comes down to collecting and analyzing detailed data from your social media accounts to improve the online health of your business. 

A social media audit allows you to see all of your data and measure it against your goals and objectives. The purpose of a social media audit is to figure out what is needed to grow your business online

For many businesses, this can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. To help, Keep it Real Social has created a simple DIY audit form to help small businesses get started with the evaluation process and tracking.  

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A business that is established on social media with many profiles it is ideal, to begin with, a professional social media audit and strategy. A social media audit and strategy with Keep it Real Social is much different than a DIY review. Beyond just collecting and analyzing data from social media profiles, Keep it Real Social evaluates local SEO efforts, website analytics, email marketing reports, and website SEO. The audit is more of a 360-degree digital media audit because everything online is professionally evaluated for a business.

The data from the social media audit is unpacked, analyzed, and presented in an easy to read and understand report that includes a detailed action plan for improving the online health of a business. The social media audit and strategy conducted by Keep it Real Social is meant to provide immediate and long-term results for a client. To help you decide where to begin, we created this simple graphic and if you’re in doubt, just contact us