The Instagram algorithm can be a tricky thing to figure out. It’s always changing. If you use Instagram to promote your small business, creating engaging content should be a priority. One thing that always helps with engagement is getting people to comment on your posts. Getting comments on your Instagram can sometimes be difficult, so here are a few tips that may help you.

Make your profile public

 If your small business has an Instagram account, it should always be public. If you are selling something, you want to get as many eyes as you can on your content. Having a private profile limits who can see your content and also limits who can comment on your posts. Keep your profile public to create more engagement.

Create engaging content

 If you are looking for more comments and likes on your Instagram account you have to create engaging content. Post about topics that will inspire people to comment. Inspirational, funny, and surprising topics tend to get more people to comment. What can you post that inspires people or makes them laugh?  

Have an Instagram takeover

 You may have seen other brands do this, but an Instagram takeover is getting popular on the platform. An Instagram takeover is when another person takes over your Instagram account. It’s a great way to get people who are not following you yet to discover you and hopefully engage on your profile.


 Just ask! Ask your followers questions and have them comment. For example, you can create a “this or that” post asking your followers which product they would prefer and to comment. Posts that ask questions are a great way to increase the number of comments you can get on a post.

Use relevant hashtags

 Hashtags are important to help get your content discovered. Be sure to include at least one hashtag in your Instagram posts. People often search for popular hashtags such as #FlashBackFriday or #SundayFunday. Using relevant hashtags has been a proven method of increasing Instagram engagement.

If you have difficulty getting people to comment on your Instagram posts, reach out to Keep It Real Social, and we can help develop a marketing strategy for your small business.

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