Keep it Real Social is open and available to conduct business virtually. We are here to help small businesses navigate these uncertain times. Technology and communications are an essential part of our world, and we are here to do whatever we can to help you. Feel free to email or call (231) 753-6157. If you use Google My Business (which I hope you do), then take notice that some features are suspended during this time. You can read the article for more information here:

Helpful Virtual Tools for Small Business Owners

A few things to note that might help you conduct business virtually during this time.

? for video conferencing

? for how-to and instructions for your team

? for team meetings over the phone and these can be recorded

Small Business Support Office Hours

Keep it Real Social will be holding virtual office hours via Zoom each Wednesday from 1 pm -1:40 pm now through April 8, 2020. If your business needs help during this time to communicate to your audience or has social media marketing questions or needs moral support from other small businesses, join us. It’s free.

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Meeting ID: 789 599 203