Having a Facebook Page is a basic way for businesses to establish an online presence, interact with their audience, and share updates. Introduced in April 2014, Facebook Business Manager offers advanced functionalities that go beyond the capabilities of a standalone Facebook Page, particularly in areas like multi-account management, team collaboration, and more sophisticated advertising tools.

Key differences include:

  1. Multi-Account Management: Unlike a single Facebook Page, Business Manager allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages and ad accounts from one centralized dashboard. This is advantageous for businesses managing multiple brands or agencies overseeing several client accounts.
  2. Team Collaboration: Business Manager enables you to add team members and assign them specific roles with various permissions, a feature not readily available on a simple Facebook Page.
  3. Advanced Advertising Tools: While a Facebook Page has some basic ad capabilities, Business Manager offers a wider array of tools for creating and managing ads, setting budgets, and audience targeting.
  4. Analytics: The Business Manager provides more in-depth analytics and insights than are available on a basic Facebook Page, facilitating more informed decision-making and strategy planning.
  5. Security: Business Manager enhances account security by allowing for two-factor authentication for team members, giving you more control over who has access to sensitive business data.
  6. Integration: You can integrate Business Manager with other platforms, such as Instagram and even third-party applications, offering a more unified approach to social media management.
  7. Resource Allocation: Business Manager makes it easier to allocate advertising budgets across various campaigns, projects, and payment methods, a functionality not available on a basic Facebook Page.

It’s worth noting that there are limitations to how many Business Manager accounts one person can create. As of my last update, users could create up to two Business Manager accounts. For additional accounts, you’d need to go through a verification process and provide further business details to Facebook.

Overall, while a Facebook Page is suitable for smaller businesses or individual entrepreneurs, Facebook Business Manager is designed to accommodate the more complex needs of larger teams and more intricate advertising strategies.