Social media marketing uses social media channels, websites, content, and SEO to market a business, service, or product. It’s not an easy task, but here are 27 social media tips to help you have success. 

  • Provide Value

The single most important way to gain followers and keep them is to give them something of value worth following!

  • Don’t Just Promote

And this means you can’t just post about how good your business is – no one wants to read that!

  • Post What YOU Would Want to Read

To know if you’re on the right track, ask yourself if you would read it!

  • Learn How to Create Titles That Grab Attention

Titles need to promise something different and speak to readers on an emotional level.

  • Understanding the ‘Value Proposition’

Tap into the reason that people are interested in your niche. How does it improve their lives?

  • Always Deliver on Your Promise

If you have a bombastic title, make sure the content can back it up!

  • Make Your Followers Feel Important

Talk about your brand in a passionate way and make your subscribers feel like a part of an important ‘movement’ of some kind!

  • Give Back to the Community

Don’t just post about your blog – take part in the communities you’re using to promote to.

  • Be Personal (Where Appropriate)

Consider creating a personal brand if it suits the tone and subject matter of your business.

  • Promote Your Social Media on Your Blog

Your blog promotion and social promotion should be synergistic.

  • Learn to Sell the Lifestyle

Show the lifestyle that your customers want!

  • Respond and Engage

Social media is a communication tool first and foremost. Make sure you actually respond to comments and questions!

  • Be Consistent

Once you have created a pattern, stick to it!

  • Experiment With Other Types of Content

Don’t be afraid to try quizzes or even computer games!

  • Choose Your Platforms Carefully

The key is to choose the social media platform that is right for your business. They’re not all created equal.

  • Take Advantage of New Technologies

Live video streaming is big right now and new – meaning it provides new opportunities. Don’t miss it and keep your eyes open for more opportunities like this in the future.

  • Create a Professional Brand

A great logo will go a long way toward promoting your business.

  • Go Cross-Niche

Stuck for ideas? Want to appeal to a new audience? Then try combining two different niches into one new one!

  • Don’t Try to Cater to Everyone

Try to please everyone and you’ll end up pleasing nobody! Focus on one particular type of person with particular interests and be unapologetic about it.

  • Use Advertising

Facebook ads are fantastic for finding targeted fans.

  • Work With Partners and Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of your most powerful tools for gaining more followers.

  • Use Contests and Other Events

Contests and other events help to get people more engaged and involved and they can also lead to more shares and promotions for your channel.

  • Offer Discounts

The one type of self-promotion that is also providing value is a genuine discount. Make sure it is exclusive and appealing!

  • Understand the Psychology of Sharing

People share things that allow them to express themselves. This is worth remembering when thinking of what to post to go viral.

  • Make Great Quality Posts

Ultimately, what’s really important is that you write great content and present it well. This is what will really provide value. Can’t write? Hire a writer!

  • Learn to Take Amazing Photos

Social media is also often very visual. Learn to take amazing photos and it will really help you to grab attention and build a following.

  • Automate

Using automated posting tools etc. can be useful in the right doses!

  • Cultivate True Fans

Ultimately, the aim is not to build a large number of subscribers but to think more about quality. Build true fans and your business will thrive like never before!