Do you ever get stumped about what to post on your social media accounts for your small business? You’ve been told you shouldn’t be posting about what you are selling, but what else is there to post about? Plenty! Here are five post ideas you can use when you are feeling stumped.

Your Team
 Social media is all about building relationships. Why not allow your followers to build relationships with your team? Introduce your staff individually and let your followers know what they do to keep your business running and your customers happy. If you are a one-man-band or only have a few employees, you can share more intimate facts, such as what they and you like to do outside of the business. It’s a great way to virtually build relationships with your followers!

A day in the life of…
 Show your followers what it’s like to work for your small business. If you are a large business, give them a sneak peek of a staff meeting or a look at your warehouse. If you are the only one running the business, show them how your day starts with activities like walking the dog or feeding your kiddos! Posting about a day in the life of your business is a great way to remind people that real-life humans are running the company!

Freebie Info or Facts
 A great way to earn trust from your followers is to show them how knowledgeable you are in your industry! Give them some facts or advice on topics in your industry. Show them how much you know about your industry. When you give your followers information on a topic they may not know too much about, you can earn more trust.

How you got started
 Do you have an interesting story about how your business got started? What inspired you to start your business? What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome? Maybe you failed a few times before you got your business up and running. Take the time to share this with your followers.

Inspiring/Motivational Posts
 If you are on any social media platform, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you will come across a post that is either mean or something with which you don’t agree. We all see it almost daily. Posting something inspiring or motivational can break up the negativity that your followers may see on other accounts and put them in a better mood, or make them think differently! Funny memes are always fun, too!

Of course, posting about what you are selling is always recommended, but split up your sales posts with the above suggestions so your followers can learn more about you!

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