Facebook Etiquette 101 from Keep it Real Social Sommer Poquette - Mind your Facebook Manners

Facebook is probably the world’s most popular social networking site. If you are working online, you don’t need to have a presence there, but considering that millions of people of just about every demographic use it – why not?

One issue with Facebook is that so many people use it; you are forced to deal with annoying problems. I know as you read this, you instantly compiled your list of annoying Facebook behavior. If you can’t think of 5 annoying things right away – be wary because you might be the person perpetuating these problems!

Facebook is one of the best networking tools ever available to people. Ever. Don’t waste your opportunity here by acting like a tool.

Read the tips below to make sure you use Facebook appropriately, and more importantly, effectively.

  • Take it Easy – Please stop clogging up my news feed with your constant status updates. You don’t ever need to do five right in a row.
  • Don’t Spam Offers – yeah, I know people can make money spamming affiliate offers on Facebook – but I will delete you from my friends right away. Feel free to share affiliate links, but don’t shove them down my throat.
  • No All Caps – This seems to be a pattern, doesn’t it? When online, keep your caps lock off.
  • Do Not Invite Me to Apps – I guess once in a while, I don’t mind, but please don’t invite me to every app you decide to use. I don’t care what song was #1 on my birthday, and I don’t care who has been looking at my profile. Please, pleeeeeeaaaase don’t ask me to join anything with “Ville” in the title.
  • Do Not Add Me to Your Group – If you’re selling lipstick, great. Just do not add me to your online party group or selling group. It isn’t polite. If you want to invite me, send me a message and ask if you can add me to the group. I’ll decide if I am interested.
  • Ask a Question Once – The new poll feature on Facebook is handy, but if you have already asked me the question, or see I have already answered, don’t ask again.
  • Tag Pics Lightly – So we went out last night and had a blast, right? Cool, but please don’t tag me in the picture where I am standing on a cop car, flipping the double bird. Keep it classy with the tags. If I want to tag myself in something outrageous, I will.
Tips for minding your manners on Facebook for businesses and individuals. Online etiquette and tips from Keep it Real Social, a social media consulting agency.
  • Public Facebook Wall is Not For Private Info – Have an issue with me?  Want to share some personal info…send me a message.  The Wall is no place to air dirty laundry.
  • Don’t Tag Me for Promotion – Just because I have a large friends list, doesn’t mean you can tag me in your promotional updates just to get eyeballs.  Do that even once and I may drop you.
  • Reply to Comments – You don’t have to reply to every comment you get on a post, but it is good manners to reply to questions.  It is also good business to keep a running dialogue with your followers.  Commenting on their comments is the best way to do this.
  • No Domestics – Leave the “baby mama drama” at home.  I don’t want to work with people who might end up on Maury.
  • Beware Status Updates – Status updates can be pretty public info, avoid slagging off a coworker or client.  Besides the fact it could get back to them, it just seems tactless.
  • Don’t Facebook Every Tweet – I know there is software that does this, but trust me, no one on Facebook wants to see every one of your tweets, pins, or Instagram post.
  • Don’t Hijack My Posts – Please, if you have an offer of your own, or want to promote something – then send me a message or status update.  However, if I make an update, don’t comment with your own promotion.  Classless.
  • Be Real – Social media users are savvy – we can sense a fake a mile away. Being a phony will kill all future credibility.