If you are promoting a small business online (which you should be), it can be a tedious task to come up with content for all the platforms that are out there. Creating blog posts, designing social media posts, and contributing to your Google My Business account can be a lot of work for someone trying to run a business.

Have you ever thought of repurposing content for your multiple platforms? Repurposing content can help you save time, reach new audiences, and get the most out of what you created. In this blog, we will go over the different ways you can repurpose your content to get the most eyes on what you are trying to promote.

Turn a blog post into an infographic
A blog post on your website can easily be turned into an infographic, which can then be posted on your Pinterest page, or your social media platforms.

Convert a blog post into an email
Sending a marketing email out to your list will get more eyes on your blog, which will get more people on your website!

Create multiple Pinterest pins on the same subject to reach a larger audience
Use different graphics but the same information and links for multiple pins and post them on various boards. You can even re-pin the same pin on different boards for a greater audience reach.

Turn a Webinar into a YouTube video
Download your webinar and upload it to your YouTube page for people to watch anytime they want. Doing this will also allow you to reach a larger audience.

Write a blog post based on video content
If you create many videos, turning them into a blog can be easy! Just look at the camera and talk about what is written in the blog!

Turn a blog post into a Podcast
If you host a podcast, talking about the latest blog you wrote can help start a conversation and dive deeper into the blog’s subject.

Repost your most popular content
Did you have a social media post that resulted in many likes, comments, or shares? Repost it! I’m not saying repost it the next day, but reposting content that generated a lot of engagement a few months later will hopefully do the same thing again and reach people that may not have seen it the first time!

Turn a blog post into an e-book
If you write “how-to” blogs, you can easily turn them into e-books. You can then use the e-book as a lead magnet!

Use Google My Business reviews for social media content
If you are looking for more reviews, sharing past reviews on your other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram can help generate new ones!

Update old blog posts with new information
If your business is in a fast-changing industry, your blog posts may get old very quickly. Update them with new statistics or new products, and then repost!

On those days when you are having a hard time thinking of what to post, try repurposing old content. It will save you some time and will likely result in more eyes on your content!

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