Do you ever get stumped when you are trying to write a blog post? I know I sometimes do! After writing a couple of hundred posts, I have developed a formula that helps me write posts and get them completed faster.

Step 1: Write out the main idea.
The main idea is what you want your reader to learn after they read your post. What are you looking to teach them or inform them about? The main idea only needs to be one sentence.

Step 2: Write out bullet points.
Write out steps or the subsections of your blog. For example, if you were writing about the five benefits of retail stores having a blog, you would list each benefit as a bullet point.

Step 3: Go into more detail with each bullet point.
Now that you have your bullet points or steps written out, it’s time to go into more detail with them so your readers can learn more about each step. This step is where you will spend most of your time. Be sure to get all your points communicated and be as descriptive as you can. Don’t feel you need to go in order when you are working on this. Jump around if you need to. Focus on the steps that you know you can write out quickly, so you have time to work on the ones that may be harder for you.

Step 4: Write out your conclusion.
Once you have all the steps or bullet points as descriptive as you want them, it’s time to wrap everything up with a conclusion. Reinforce the main idea and write out any final thought that you feel the reader needs to know.

Step 5: Add a title to your blog post.
This last step may feel like it should be the first step. However, it can be more beneficial to wait until you have finished writing your blog. I have often written out the title first, and after I have completed the blog, I notice that my title doesn’t match what I have written. Saving the title for last will make it a lot easier for you to write.

If you follow these five steps, you may find that you are writing your posts quicker because you have mapped out how your blog will flow before you start writing. The faster you can write the blog, the quicker you can get to the fun part of promoting it!

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5-Step Formula for Writing a Blog