If your small business has a big event or major announcement, sending out a press release can be an excellent way to get the word out. A press release is an official statement delivered to the media that provides information on a major announcement or event. A press release has a specific structure to it which allows for readers to get the information quickly. It is recommended that a press release be no longer than one page.

Let’s dive into what should be included in a press release:

Release time
Most press releases are given to the media, stating it is for immediate release. Immediate release means that anyone can share the information with the public right away. When your press release is announcing an event, you probably want to give as much notice as possible for coverage.

Contact information
It’s essential to include the contact information at the top left of the press release. If someone from the media has questions about the release, you want them to know who to contact without searching for the information.

Compelling headline
For your press release to have any success, you want your headline to stand out. Keep your headline short and straightforward, but make sure it’s interesting and captivates the reader to continuing reading.

Answers who, what, when, where, why, and how
In the press release body, the first sentence should give the essential details about the event or announcement. The first sentence or two should answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. Start your press release off by bolding the city and state where the event or announcement is happening (e.g. Petoskey, MI).

Following the first sentence, you can go more into detail about your announcement. Include basic information about your company as well.

Quote from your business
In the body of your press release, it is always helpful to include a quote from a key person of the business. Just one person, two at a maximum, from your company will be sufficient. A quote from someone in your business is an excellent way to emphasize the importance of your announcement.

It is important to note that sending out a press release to the media does not guarantee news coverage, but you have a greater chance of getting coverage if your release is well written. News reporters receive dozens of press releases every day, so by having a well-written release, yours will stand out above the others.

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How to Write a Press Release