Do you have a customer service process in place or do you just wing it when someone calls with questions? Do you have a smooth and natural way to make product recommendations or upsells while someone is on the phone or do you realize after the fact that you should have offered them something different?

Many coaches miss these opportunities because they never made a comprehensive customer service plan. Creating a chatbot forces you to think about the sequence of events because you have to program the messages into the bots. Now it’s easier to make those offers and really customize your prospect’s shopping experience.

Benefits of Using a Chatbot

1. Every prospect gets their own personal shopper. Higher-end retail stores know how to position their salespeople so their customers have assistance at a moment’s notice. They are not stalking; they are just on the periphery, watching and waiting to make the customer’s experience more pleasurable.

The same is true for bots. They can act as personal shopping assistants, ready to answer questions about products, advising which product is best for your price range, and assisting with the final purchase. Finding a balance in your messaging between being helpful and being annoying will make the difference in your final sales.

2. Send reminders to prospects who leave items in their shopping carts. We’ve all done it; loaded up our online shopping carts with items and then got distracted or changed our minds and clicked away from the site. How many times have you gone back? Studies show most consumers never go back to those abandoned carts.

Bots can send simple reminders days or weeks after a consumer leaves, urging the prospect to follow through and make a purchase. This will likely lead to the consumer asking questions, which then leads to the bot assisting with choosing the right product for this individual.

3. Encourage repeat purchases with bots. The fortune is in the follow-up and your bot can leverage the follow-up process and turn it into more sales. One week after the sale, your bot can check on your customer, asking if they’re happy with the purchase. You’re initiating engagement with the customer. Months after the purchase your bot can inform this same customer that your latest product is about to launch or that you have an opening for one-on-one coaching and start a dialogue about that product. These recommendations should be a natural choice based on what they last purchased. You’re making the process very simple for them, which can lead to more sales.

Save Money with Facebook Messenger Bots

Big corporations have the budget to hire multiple salespeople to follow up with their clients and to keep them happy. If you work alone or with a small team, using a Facebook Messenger bot for this exact purpose will save you from going through the hiring process and also the training process. Bots shouldn’t take the place of human interaction 100% but it’s a great starting point, especially when companies offer affordable monthly plans to create your bot.