It’s good to have options, and that’s what Facebook targeted ads provide. The versatility of Facebook ads is great; they are set up to allow you to target them in ways that best meet your brand’s needs and goals. You can choose the type of ad based on your campaign goal and what you’re trying to achieve. Facebook also lets you set parameters to reach specific segments of your audience. This kind of pinpointing is key in creating successful ads. Now that we know more about Facebook ads, let’s look at the best strategies for targeting your ads to ensure they reach the most receptive and relevant audience. 

Custom Audiences

You can connect with your existing customers using the Facebook Custom Audiences feature. This option ensures those who already love your brand, as well as past customers and visitors can see your latest content. It helps reinforce their engagement, increases the likelihood of future purchases and visits, and targets a relevant audience. You can turn this method around and exclude those already in your contact list. This method is perfect for trial offers and when running ads geared toward developing new customers. 

Lookalike Audience

Maybe you don’t have a large mailing list to import into your custom audience feature, that’s ok. You can still target demographics that are similar to your current customers, even if you don’t have a lot of Facebook fans on your page. Use the tracking pixel to help create your lookalike audience, then tweak the intended audience further by making it broader or narrowing the criteria, depending on your goals. 


Recent Purchasing Behavior

Facebook knows a great deal about their users, particularly insights into their shopping habits. Knowing what kinds of items a person buys can tell you a lot about that individual. You can use that information to your advantage by targeting specific types of consumers. Facebook gives you several categories from which to choose, including Health & Beauty, Food & Drink, and Clothing. Then they break each down even further, letting you micro-target the buyer’s best suited to your campaign goal. 

Events Targeting

Similar to purchasing behavior, knowing certain life events people experience can provide you with insight into the kinds of products or services that may need or want. Are you getting married, moving, graduating, anniversary? We are a social media society, and a lot of people share both exciting and sad life events that are currently taking place in their life. Facebook gives you a ton of life event targeting options from which to choose based on those postings. Even more useful is the ability to break down events to certain time intervals before or after the big occasion, letting you customize your ad campaigns to coincide with potential customer needs strategically. 

Layered Targeting 

When you want to narrow your audience down to an extreme niche, you have the option of layering targeting options—using a combination of data such as location, behaviors, age, or life events to seek out a certain group of people. It takes an understanding of your audience and some analysis, but target option layering is an effective way to reach the segment of your audience who is most in need of your product or service. 

Aren’t you excited to get started on your ad campaign now? You have great strategies to get you going, and it’s easier than you think. You can create countless ads directed at various market demographic, then determine which are the most successful. Enjoy the versatility and get started! 

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